Waste collection terminal - Cité Verte


Winning Project

Quebec (Cecobois)

The first such structure of its kind in Quebec, this city building is one of the components of the major mixed-use real estate project known as Cité Verte. This project is designed to showcase not only the innovative uses of wood and green technologies but also the particular features of an underground vacuum waste collection system.

This glulam post-and-beam structure supports both the lightweight wood truss roof and the 20-ton overhead bridge crane. This innovation made use of hefty engineered wood columns as well as a diaphragm made out of open web wood joists braced by two plywood panels, which transferred lateral forces to the steel bracing installed on the perimeter. All of the following components were made entirely from wood: wall sidings; fascia boards, soffits and screens; wall framing; non-load-bearing partitions; and the structure of the above-ground section.

In what amounts to an as-yet unconventional practice in industrial construction projects, maximum use has been made of wood for the purpose of reducing the building’s footprint and construction costs. It is also worth noting that the use of lightweight wood trusses resulted in savings in comparison with the use of steel trusses.

The value of the glulam structure is approximately $118,000; that of the roof trusses and floor joists $14,000; and that of the exterior and interior siding approximately $60,000.

Winning Project Quebec (Cecobois)

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